Paying for school
paying for school

“How am I going to pay for this?”

“I don’t have a clue how I am paying for school”

These were questions I asked myself as a high school senior after just being accepted to Florida State University. I had spent most of my junior & senior year just trying to get into college by volunteering, & getting good grades but now I had to figure out just how I was going to survive when I got there. At the time I received a bright futures scholarship which covered 75% of my tuition so I hit the trail running and applied to every scholarship that I fit (and even the ones I didn’t). I remember how happy I was when I got my first scholarship letter and I knew that I would be able to buy that book for class.

It’s the big reason why we started the Five Star Scholarship Foundation because during a time where I should have been excited about being accepted to school I was worrying about paying for it.  As we get into our EIGHTH  year giving out our scholarships I can’t help but get some personal pleasure knowing that we are helping the next teacher, lawyer, writer, doctor or business pay for college.

Be on the lookout next week as we release the scholarship applications for this school year. This year we have heard your suggestions and have made the scholarship & recommendation letters all electronic. Check out our Facebook & Instagram for further updates.

written by Dr. Berry Pierre